What is the Direct Contracting Model?

The Model helps Medicare members with serious, chronic illnesses

Personalized Nursing Care

Improve Health

Manage Their

What does the Direct Contracting Model provide?

  • Visits from your primary care provider in your home, by video or in the office
  • Phone check-ins from your primary care provider
  • In-home, video or phone visits with a nurse or social worker when needed
  • Help coordinating additional care and case management
  • Person and family-focused care
  • Review of your care goals and advance care plans
  • Symptom care with phone advice for urgent needs day and night
  • Personalized nursing care
  • Assistance with behavioral and social health management
  • Phone access to case managers

Is this program for me or my loved one?

Yes, if you or your loved one:

  • Have primary insurance with Medicare Parts A and B
  • Choose Assurity DCE as your primary care provider
  • Are eligible for the program by:
    • Having significant chronic illnesses that have led you to seek a high level of medical care and/or
    • Having a need for special equipment in the home like a lift apparatus, a hospital bed, bedside rails, safety equipment or a variety of other durable medical equipment (DME) types and/or
    • Having an illness that limits you from leaving your homes such as mobility impairments, neurological conditions, spinal cord injuries, muscular dystrophy or other conditions; and/or
    • Having been in the hospital at least once or more in the past year.

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